Lawson's Lake
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The Bison Store at J-Bar-S Ranch

J-Bar-S Ranch Bison Store is a popular stop for local residents and many local retaurants buy J-Bar-S Ranch Bison steaks, roasts and burgers to serve in their restaurants. Bison, by nature, is an extremely lean, healthful and very flavorful alternative to beef and even chicken or pork.

The Bison Store hours are: Tuesday through Saturday, 10:30-5:30

J-Bar-S Ranch Montage
The J-Bar-S Ranch Bison Store offers not only select meat cuts but sauces and dozens of souvenir items.

In addition, a visit to the Bison Store is a history lesson, almost virtual time-travel to a simpler time. Please drop by the J-Bar-S ranch and our Bison Store for a visit you will never forget.


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